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Corporate Housing vs Hotels

What’s In a Hotel? Nothing, But Corporate Housing Has Some Surprising Benefits

Hotels have had their day in the sun. Business travelers once held these establishments as their homes away from home, but they never actually feel very homey. The new way to travel for business is through corporate housing. Corporate housing offers substantial benefits over that of a standard hotel room.

Variety of Accommodations

When traveling to a hotel, you know what every room looks like. A bed, desk, TV, sink, closet area, and a tiny bathroom. They all look the same and provide the same thing. However, corporate housing is different. A variety of accommodations means you can choose what you need for the stay and not simply have a bed to sleep in. Whether you require a full home for multiple people or a small studio apartment for a single individual, corporate housing is the way to go.

Fully Furnished

When a longer stay is required it is difficult to find the right space. Finding a place that feels like home away from your own home is not always an option, but in corporate housing properties, the furniture is included. This means you need not move anything in just to be comfortable. Everything you need to live is included. Simply bring your clothes, essentials, and move right in. It couldn’t be easier.

Professionally Cleaned

Hotels may claim they are cleaned, but the fact is maids work on a strict cleaning schedule. They may only have 30 minutes, at the most, to clean the room. Less if they are fully booked. Corporate housing properties are not turned over as quickly and cleaning crews used to clean the property are highly professional. A professionally cleaned housing unit means less potential for sickness from germs left by previous guests and that is great for everyone.

Cost Efficient

One might think that renting a corporate property for business travelers is expensive, but in reality, they are less expensive than hotel rooms. By renting the unit for a longer stay, the business can actually save significant money when compared to a standard hotel. Additionally, the ability to cook in the space allows the business traveler to save money on food expenses while keeping them as comfortable as possible. You can’t live on pizza every night.

Utmost in Security

Security can be a great concern when traveling for business. Not all hotels offer significant security and it is often left to the individual traveler to ensure their personal safety. You should not have to worry about security when traveling and you won’t when you stay in corporate housing. These facilities are securely monitored for the safety and security of all within. Your safety is our top priority.

Hunter Temporary Housing

Never subject your business travelers to a stay in a hotel. Instead offer them something more with Hunter Temporary Housing. We are experts in corporate housing and provide properties that fit your individual needs. We have fashioned our housing options around the intricate needs of the business traveler and we invite you to see what we have to offer your company. Do you need effective corporate housing?