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Surviving Disasters with Corporate Housing Texas

Can Corporate Housing Be Used During a Disaster? Yes, It Can!

Disasters can strike without warning. Natural disasters are on the rise. According to statistics, there were fewer than 50 natural disasters reported annually in 1900. As time progressed, the number steadily increased. Today, reports of 400 natural disasters in a single year are not uncommon. Although many may speculate the number has increased due to increased population and the ability to communicate, you cannot argue with the sheer volume of natural disasters. This does not include manmade disasters which are just as prevalent. It pays to be prepared and corporate housing is one of the best tools to help people after a natural disaster.

Relocation of Those Affected

Natural disasters can be anything from flooding to a full hurricane or earthquake. Unfortunately, a lot of homes can be lost when a disaster occurs. Although there may be a few people that have an extra home to go to, the vast majority of residents in any region can have their sole residence completely obliterated. That house not only includes everything the person or family owns, it is their safety and security and that loss can often be the most devastating.

Shelter is among the most basic needs and even though it may not seem as important as food and water, it actually is. Shelter allows you and your family to feel comfortable enough to rest and recuperate for the following day. When you have a warm place to sleep, your life can continue to thrive.

Corporate housing provides for the most basic needs and more following a natural disaster. It allows families to remain together and safe while they figure out what lies ahead. Consider for a moment, a natural disaster hits the residential part of your city. The vast majority of homes are unlivable. However, work must continue as business is open in the commercial end of town.

Enhanced Performance

Ideally, in a disaster situation, a business owner desires as little down time as possible. However, as employees are forced to make longer commutes and some may not even be able to come in to work, your schedule will certainly be altered.

Corporate housing gives you a significant leg up during a disaster. Instead of fighting to find where your employees reside, you can know where they are and that they are safe. Corporate housing provides much more than just a roof over your employee’s head. It ensures they have far less to worry about while they are on the job, thereby enhancing performance and overall quality of work.

Hunter Temporary Housing

Let Hunter Temporary Housing help you manage the needs of your employees, visitors, clients, and more. Our specialized services are vital during a disaster, but will also have a vast positive impact on your business. Imagine not having to rely on hotels and airbnbs for your traveling employees or those coming to see your company. We give you one less thing to worry about and whether a disaster happens or not, you can be prepared. Do you have a place for your employees if disaster strikes your area?