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Customizing Temporary Corporate Housing

Customizing Temporary Corporate Housing

Personalizing the Guest Experience


In the world of business travel and temporary corporate housing, the guest experience is of paramount importance. Each traveler has unique needs and preferences, and providing a personalized and tailored experience can make all the difference. Customizing temporary corporate housing allows organizations to create a warm and inviting environment that meets the specific requirements of their guests. This article explores the significance of personalizing the guest experience in temporary corporate housing and how it enhances overall satisfaction and well-being during business trips.

Understanding Guest Preferences

Pre-Arrival Surveys

Conducting pre-arrival surveys allows organizations to gather information about guests’ preferences, such as bedding choices, dietary restrictions, or specific amenities they may desire.

Past Stay History

Keeping records of past stays enables temporary housing providers to offer returning guests a familiar and comfortable experience based on their previous preferences.

Tailoring Accommodations

Furnishing Options

Offering a variety of furnishing options allows guests to choose the style that best suits their tastes and makes them feel at home.

Workspace Customization

Customizable workspaces cater to the specific needs of business travelers, ensuring they have a comfortable and productive environment during their stay.

Personalized Amenities and Services

Welcome Packages

Welcoming guests with personalized packages, including snacks and beverages of their choice, adds a thoughtful touch to their arrival experience.

In-Room Services

Offering in-room services that align with guests’ preferences, such as daily newspaper delivery or access to streaming services, enhances their comfort.

Local Recommendations

Personalized Guides

Providing guests with personalized guides to local attractions, restaurants, and cultural experiences allows them to explore the destination based on their interests.

Concierge Assistance

Dedicated concierge assistance helps guests plan their leisure activities and ensures they have a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Thoughtful Communication

Personalized Communication

Addressing guests by their names in communication and acknowledging special occasions or milestones adds a personal touch to the guest experience.

Feedback and Follow-Up

Seeking feedback from guests after their stay and following up on their suggestions demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and guest satisfaction.

Building Lasting Relationships

Loyalty Programs

Implementing loyalty programs rewards repeat guests, fostering a sense of loyalty and encouraging them to choose the temporary housing provider for future stays.

Return Guest Offers

Offering special incentives and discounts for returning guests further strengthens the bond and encourages repeat visits.


Personalizing the guest experience in temporary corporate housing is a powerful way to create a welcoming and memorable stay for business travelers. Understanding guest preferences through pre-arrival surveys and past stay history allows providers to tailor accommodations and amenities to meet individual needs. Customizable furnishing options and workspaces cater to guests’ unique tastes and work requirements. Welcoming packages and in-room services add thoughtful touches to their arrival experience, while personalized local recommendations and concierge assistance facilitate memorable exploration of the destination. Thoughtful communication and guest feedback build rapport and trust, while loyalty programs and return guest offers encourage lasting relationships. By prioritizing personalization, temporary corporate housing providers can elevate the guest experience, making business trips feel like home away from home and leaving a lasting positive impression on their valued guests.