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Hunter Temporary Housing Corporate Solutions

How Hunter Temporary Housing Corporate Housing Solutions Cater to Different Industries

Hunter Temporary Housing provides tailored corporate housing solutions that meet the specific needs of various industries, from tech to oil and gas. Our extensive experience and industry-specific expertise ensure that we deliver top-notch accommodations and services, enhancing the experience for our clients’ employees.

Technology Industry

High Mobility and Flexibility: Tech companies often have a highly mobile workforce, with employees frequently traveling for projects, meetings, and training sessions. Hunter Temporary Housing offers flexible booking options and accommodations near key tech hubs, ensuring that tech professionals have convenient, comfortable, and well-equipped living spaces.

Modern Amenities: Our properties are outfitted with high-speed internet, advanced home office setups, and smart home technologies, catering to the tech-savvy needs of employees. This ensures they can stay productive and connected, whether they are working on a project remotely or collaborating with teams across the globe.

Healthcare Industry

Proximity to Medical Facilities: Healthcare professionals, including traveling nurses and doctors, need housing close to hospitals and medical centers. Hunter Temporary Housing offers strategically located properties that reduce commute times and provide a restful environment after long shifts.

Health and Safety: Our accommodations prioritize health and safety, with regular cleaning services, fully equipped kitchens for healthy meal preparation, and quiet, private spaces conducive to rest and recovery. This ensures healthcare workers can maintain their well-being while performing critical roles.

Financial Services

Corporate Travel and Relocation: Financial services professionals often travel for client meetings, conferences, and relocations. Hunter Temporary Housing provides premium accommodations in financial districts and major cities, offering convenience and comfort for busy professionals.

Luxury and Comfort: We offer high-end properties with luxury amenities such as fitness centers, business lounges, and concierge services, meeting the expectations of executives and senior managers. These features help financial professionals feel at home, even when they’re away from home.

Entertainment Industry

Short-Term Projects and Events: The entertainment industry frequently involves short-term projects, such as film shoots, concerts, and festivals. Hunter Temporary Housing provides flexible, short-term housing solutions that can accommodate individuals or entire production teams, ensuring they have a comfortable base during their projects.

Creative Spaces: Our accommodations include spacious living areas and inspiring environments that cater to the creative needs of entertainment professionals. With amenities like high-speed internet, quiet workspaces, and proximity to cultural hotspots, we support the dynamic lifestyle of those in the entertainment field.

Manufacturing and Construction

Project-Based Stays: Manufacturing and construction projects often require temporary relocation of skilled workers and managers. Hunter Temporary Housing offers practical, fully furnished accommodations near major project sites, reducing commute times and increasing convenience for workers.

Robust Amenities: Our housing solutions for the manufacturing and construction sectors include robust amenities like ample parking, easy access to public transportation, and comfortable living spaces that provide a respite from demanding workdays.


Hunter Temporary Housing stands out by providing industry-specific corporate housing solutions that cater to the unique needs of different sectors. Whether it’s tech, oil and gas, healthcare, financial services, entertainment, or manufacturing and construction, we ensure that our accommodations enhance the productivity, comfort, and well-being of our clients’ employees. By understanding and addressing the specific requirements of each industry, we deliver unparalleled service and support, making us the preferred choice for corporate housing.