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Business Travelers' Guide to Safety

Safe Travels- How to Keep Yourself Safe When Traveling for Business

Safety is always on the mind of a business traveler. They must ensure their personal safety and that of any sensitive information they carry with them about the business. It can be difficult to know who to trust and where to go while on a business trip, but here are some of the most important ways to keep yourself safe when traveling for business.

Wi-Fi Safety

A misconception among the vast majority of the public is that all Wi-Fi connections are secure. This is completely untrue. Wi-Fi connections can easily be hacked by virtually anyone around you and there is no way to determine who exactly will take critical data. However, while traveling, Wi-Fi is an essential tool. Therefore, if you must use local Wi-Fi connections, ensure you do not visit sites that have sensitive data. Even though HTTPS sites are said to be secure, they only secure transmitted data and do nothing for stagnant data existing on the site.

Keep Valuables Secure

Thieves are not merely after your digital information, but your personal belongings as well. Pickpockets can be anywhere and often work in groups to distract a mark and secure their belongings. Be aware of your surrounding and always keep valuables secure. Over 400,000 pickpockets are reported each day in large and moderately sized cities throughout the world and approximately 1/3 of all travel insurance claims are pickpocketing instances.

Opt for Less Crowded Flights (If Possible)

Crowds are something we have begun to consider in our personal and business travels. Consideration for getting sick is at the top of everyone’s list these days and avoiding crowded areas is a significant part of that. One of the most crowded areas you can encounter while on a business trip is the plane itself, but there is a way to avoid this.

The time you fly has a lot to do with how many people will be flying with you. Generally, early morning flights are best for avoiding crowds, but statistically, they are also cleaner. The first flights of the day have the advantage of cleaning crews having plenty of time to clean the plane. Later flights tend to have a more rushed cleaning schedule.

Pick Accommodations Carefully

Your personal safety is vitally important. Where you stay matters. Some hotels and even Airbnb’s are in less than reputable locations. Feeling safe should never be a worry when choosing a place to sleep, but in most major cities, there are good areas and bad areas, so avoid them the best way you can.

Hunter Temporary Housing

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