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Temporary Corporate Housing

Exploring Amenities: What Business Travelers Look for in Temporary Corporate Housing


Temporary corporate housing serves as a home away from home for business travelers during their work assignments or relocations. As the demands of modern professionals evolve, so do the expectations for accommodations. Beyond basic necessities, business travelers seek temporary corporate housing that offers a range of amenities to enhance their comfort and productivity. This article explores the amenities that business travelers look for in temporary corporate housing and how they contribute to a positive and productive experience.

High-Speed Internet and Workspaces

Seamless Connectivity

For business travelers, a reliable and high-speed internet connection is paramount. Temporary corporate housing with robust Wi-Fi ensures seamless connectivity, enabling guests to work efficiently, attend virtual meetings, and stay connected with their teams. Additionally, designated workspaces, such as ergonomic desks and comfortable chairs, enhance productivity and focus during work hours.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Convenience and Flexibility

A fully equipped kitchen is highly valued by business travelers, offering the convenience and flexibility of preparing meals at their own pace. Having access to cooking facilities allows guests to maintain dietary preferences, accommodate busy schedules, and enjoy home-cooked meals after a day of work.

Fitness Facilities

Health and Wellness

Health-conscious business travelers appreciate temporary corporate housing that offers fitness facilities, such as a gym or exercise room. Access to fitness amenities allows guests to maintain their exercise routines, promoting physical well-being and reducing stress during their stay.

Concierge Services

Personalized Assistance

Concierge services are highly sought after by business travelers seeking personalized assistance during their temporary stay. From restaurant recommendations to local transportation arrangements, a dedicated concierge can provide valuable insights and streamline the guest’s experience.

On-Site Laundry Facilities

Convenience and Efficiency

On-site laundry facilities are a practical amenity for business travelers, eliminating the need to find external laundry services. Access to washers and dryers within the temporary corporate housing ensures convenience and efficiency, particularly for longer stays.

Housekeeping Services

Comfort and Relaxation

Housekeeping services contribute to the comfort and relaxation of business travelers. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure a tidy and well-maintained environment, allowing guests to focus on their work and leisure activities without worrying about household chores.

Security Measures

Peace of Mind

Business travelers prioritize their safety and security during their temporary stays. Temporary corporate housing with robust security measures, such as controlled access entries, surveillance cameras, and secure parking, provides guests with peace of mind.

Pet-Friendly Options

Accommodating Travel with Pets

For business travelers who travel with pets, pet-friendly options are essential. Temporary corporate housing that welcomes furry companions allows guests to bring their pets along and experience a sense of home during their assignment.


As business travel becomes a regular part of professional life, the amenities offered in temporary corporate housing play a crucial role in meeting the needs and preferences of guests. High-speed internet and well-equipped workspaces facilitate productivity, while fully equipped kitchens offer convenience and flexibility. Fitness facilities promote health and well-being, while concierge services provide personalized assistance. On-site laundry facilities and housekeeping services contribute to comfort and relaxation, and security measures offer peace of mind. Pet-friendly options cater to travelers who travel with their beloved pets. By understanding and providing the amenities that business travelers seek, temporary corporate housing providers can create a welcoming and productive environment for their guests, ensuring a positive experience during their temporary stays.