Corpus Christi Extended Stay Hotels

This may be your first experience with Corpus Christi extended stay hotels. Perhaps you are not completely aware of what is meant by corporate housing?

We can answer that question for you. We are Hunter Temporary Housing and we specialize in Corpus Christi extended stay hotels. Corporate housing came to be when business travelers began desiring more than a hotel room. They desired more room, a more pleasant and homey atmosphere, with more amenities, complete furniture, furnishings, and house wares. The hotel industry just could not provide all that was desired for these business travelers.

Thus the corporate housing industry was born. Companies began organizing and then offering temporary apartments and housing to business travelers, with added benefits and more closely meeting the needs of the business traveler. An added plus was that this corporate housing was being offered at a cost that was actually less than a hotel room. Hunter Temporary Housing started into this business years ago and we have been offering Corpus Christi extended stay hotels ever since. We have amassed an impressive inventory of properties that meet the needs of the business traveler, those in transition, and some on temporary assignment. We offer Corpus Christi extended stay hotels properties in several Texas cities, including Corpus Christi, Ingleside, Portland, and Rock Port. Our Corpus Christi extended stay hotels clients include executives of Fortune 500 companies, government officials, and business professionals from small to large corporations.

When you look at our Corpus Christi extended stay hotels properties, you will soon see their advantage over a hotel room. The appearance of our Corpus Christi extended stay hotels, inside and out, is more like a home than a hotel. We truly help you feel like you are in a home away from home when you stay in our Corpus Christi extended stay hotels. Business professionals and business travelers especially appreciate this feeling of home away from home. It is very easy to feel like a stranger and a person in a cold place when you are a frequent business traveler. So any of the comforts and the conveniences of home are desired and appreciated.

We know that there are many travelers to the State of Texas, and we know that these travelers, such as you, are interested in getting the best value for the best Corpus Christi extended stay hotels and most comfortable accommodations. You will not be disappointed by working with our expert and professional team at Hunter Temporary Housing. We are here to serve you and look forward to your contact. You may call us at (956) 778-2193 or visit our Contact Us page.