Corporate Apartments McAllen

Corporate Apartments McAllen

Do you have a temporary assignment that will be taking you to McAllen TX for a month or two?  The exciting project you will be working on is something that you look forward to but being away from home for that long is something that you are not looking forward to.  A hotel is nice when you are staying for a few days but the thought of a month or two in a hotel is not going to work.  Furnished temporary housing like corporate apartments McAllen is what you need.  You have heard good things about corporate apartments McAllen.

While you are working on this assignment, you need a comfortable and spacious home away from home and Hunter Temporary Housing offers beautiful furnished corporate apartments McAllen that will fit the bill.  We understand what the traveler like you needs when traveling away from home for an extended period of time.  Our collection of beautifully furnished corporate apartments McAllen will give you options when it comes to the size, layout and location that you need for your home away from home. Your perfect home away from home is our corporate apartments McAllen and is just a phone call away.  Call (956) 778-2193.

What are some of the features that Hunter Temporary Housing offers to help you feel so at home in our corporate apartments McAllen?  When you enter any of our corporate apartments McAllen you will find elegant decorations with exquisite and comfortable furnishings.  Imagine at the end of a long day of work you arrive at your home away from home, kick off your shoes turn on some music and make your favorite dinner.  After enjoying your dinner in the dining room you move to the living room for a little escape time where you will enjoy a movie or watch your favorite television show.  Before you go to bed, it would be nice to have a small bowl of ice cream.  Aren’t you glad that you picked some up when you were at the grocery store?

After a good night’s sleep in your bedroom, which is not the same room as the living room, you will be well rested and ready to start another day. Each of our corporate apartments McAllen offers a full size, fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer and other necessities like towels and linens. Your utilities, high speed internet and cable or satellite television is included in your low monthly rate.  Can you see how corporate apartments McAllen will make the perfect home away from home?

Hunter Temporary Housing is ready to answer your call and reserve one of our corporate apartments McAllen to be your perfect home away from home.

Call us today at (956) 778-2193.